there is so much, maybe even too much

by maja jasmin

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released May 17, 2016




maja jasmin Denmark

welcome to my brain and my diary


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Track Name: you said you still liked me
told you i didn't know my brain
you said you still loved how i used it
thats why i can still call you my friend
even though you always confuse me

but still you looked so good in my room
had this eerie magic gloom
a magician in my naive heart
all you said i swallowed up
Track Name: if i whisper truths they sound less true
Track Name: touring by myself
me and my famous guitar will travel the world
we would go near we'd go far
and sing to be heard
writing writing writing
songs for you
in the back of the bus in a plane in a truck in the seat with the prettiest view
Track Name: hoping is a good thing expecting is not
so much that we don't talk about
is resting inside of my mouth
yours is moving to my words yours is moving to my sounds
hoping is a good thing expecting is not
but what if we dont talk about it but we are both in love

is it just a waste of time to walk around and think about
all the things that we could do
its probably impossible
cause you think that im ridiculous
i can smell it on your breath
im probably just paranoid
or maybe im just out of it
Track Name: go dancing with you
we go dancing
Track Name: intruder thinking
these are all the thoughts im not allowed to think about but i cant stop them and they are inside my brain
everytime i think about them i just feel like im exploding i feel like im going insane
Track Name: whatever
i am feeling everything i am feeling nothing with you
i would do anything anything you want me to do
if you want me i would hand myself over to you
if you need me i would do whatever you need me to do
Track Name: weird water
water sounds