the slow somethings of changing

by maja jasmin

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released May 11, 2016




maja jasmin Denmark

welcome to my brain and my diary


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Track Name: getting out
see how hard it is to get out
trapped under the circumstances
everything you say floats around
every sorry every chance and

heres another thing
that i never learned
it is how to light up
without getting burned
i am sorry if you mind it
i can always be more silent
i’ll be quieter and quieter until i dont exist

growing up fucking sucks
having no home and too much background
do you think that i want this
do you think i am honestly that selfish

i am breaking down piece by piece
i am falling out this is fucking real
do you understand cause i don’t
how we are similar at all anymore
Track Name: new thing/sour
i’ve gotten really weird lately
i can’t keep up with these conversations
have these lost parts of this shitty life
i can’t do this again i’ll try another time

i have an ugly taste of broken in me
thats why i always feel weird about kissing
you said you liked me so i pushed you away
now i can’t have you so i want you again

i know you want to miss me
but i’ve gone sour
i am the curdled milk i am your withered flowers

just throw me away
its just a waste
to have me around
but i wish it wasn't

im trying to not be selfish
i just wish i wasn’t i wish you didn’t have to

i know you want to miss me
but i’ve gone sour
Track Name: trying to make it right demo
thats how im the wrong one now though i just tried to make it right
we are dumb thats where it went wrong full of love but too
scared to grow up
sorry bout it its mostly my fault i told you that flying feels like a fall
now were on the edge here i’m clinging you tight
hoping you know i just tried to make it right
Track Name: writing writing writing demo
writing writing writing writing writing
sooooooooongs for you
Track Name: thats why demo
how come
i am not allowed
to feel sad w hen you talk about
all the things
that bother you
and i am here with nothing to do
i used to always cherish love
but now i dont know if thats wrong
cause i just want u too feel better
but right now you're just so upset so

maybe i should change my view
do anything to support you
but thats why i do this
thats why im mean
cause i see things how they are seen