the point of no return

by maja jasmin

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this is a mix . changing. i am shredding . a new road!


released August 2, 2016




maja jasmin Denmark

welcome to my brain and my diary


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Track Name: just another one
this is just another one just another one just another one

cold things fall down snow hits the ground
summer feels stranger now and i am older i dont know how
it happened cause im still the same and you aren’t here anyway
so why are we even discussing whether or not walked away

but this is just another one just another one just another one
Track Name: changing
i've got a lot to say
who will go

we go away
i know

how could i change this
before you leave
Track Name: the haunting
getting by with silver forks
you wash and hide in tablecloths
you scrub and scrub with dirty hands
and wait for something new to wash
i know i dont have a choice to make
i know you will never really get
how everything you'll ever be
is growing all over me

but moonlight is creeping me out
you're asleep and i waste time
what is wrong and what is not?
someday it will be too much

so if this house is haunted
obviously we are too
when i said it was your choice
you know it was true
and if we both are wanted
we should run into the night
but im so tired of running and im so tired of goodbyes
Track Name: too far
you hurt me like that
tore up the roots tour up the wounds that finally weren’t that bad
but now i just see you anywhere
its like i tell myself i need to stop dwelling or in rot in hell
right now i am dwelling on you and you are dwelling on everything you do

did you imagine how far out it'd go
cause i used to think we shared a soul
now, as a friend, i can tell you that this time you went too far
im drawing a line with the blood from all my freshly opened scars

so what is this mess why are we here to begin with
i really want to keep our friendship
but how can i just move on and forget
dramatic and weird sorry to be here doubting whatever you tell me cause we’re done
i would never ever do this to you but now im not sure who i'd do this to

but how could you do this to me?
i trusted you with everything
the more dead time that passes the farer i feel myself slipping away
and i can’t hold on this time
Track Name: manage
we manage