speaking in riddles

by maja jasmin

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released May 18, 2016




maja jasmin Denmark

welcome to my brain and my diary


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Track Name: incomplete/do you miss me
people think the world is flat
and i keep looking back on this

im feeling like a grain or seed
or something that is incomplete
do you miss me?

i am going back i am nothing
Track Name: completing
i am just so tired of feeling
but you were supposed to be my friend
why am i so bad at completing
i can't do this again
Track Name: at least i have my head over the water
maybe if i told you the reason
things would never change and neither would we
but honestly im so bad at swimming and you make me feel like the open sea
Track Name: i dont believe in magic and i dont believe in love
i dont believe in magic and i dont believe in love
but i think that what you give me is good enough
Track Name: i really want to go somewhere else so i don't have to see everybody tomorrow
do you want to leave with me
just until the storm has blown over
i dont really want to be here
i just want to be alone
Track Name: when you go demo
and you know
that nothing will be the same
when you go
so you say
and i know
it could've been
so good
but you won't