maybe this time

by maja jasmin

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released August 13, 2015




maja jasmin Denmark

welcome to my brain and my diary


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Track Name: all i do
all i do is sing songs that nobody can hear
all i do is sing songs that you don't want to hear
so why are you here?
so why are you still here?

holding on to something with both my arms tied down
i'm a girl with only bad things on her mind
so why are you here?
so why are you still here?
Track Name: don't mind me
you don't leave footprints when you go
that way no one will miss you
i would never turn my back on you
but don't mind me

everywhere i go i see you
and i lose control and nobody knows
whenever i'm alone i'm surrounded
in random places where everything is crowded
Track Name: lots of time
i cannot pretend it didn't matter
i cannot pretend i don't care
i cannot pretend for the better
i'm not even here

the time passes quickly and i don't matter now
if i could die
would you let me? would you hang around to say goodbye

if you don't know what would happen if you go
i gave you lots of time to leave me you should've just said so
Track Name: the bad and the sad
i don't wanna go yet
i just wanna stay in my bed
where do the bad ones go?
where do the sad ones go?
Track Name: too much
you cry too much i cant cry at all
its getting bad again and i cant stop it now
im losing it im losing touch
im losing it i lost too much

you keep not caring and i don’t know what to be
i feel like there is just too much me in me
i’m feeling dumb i gotta go
i want to dance i wanna know

i tried to touch the ocean to get rid of fears
all i got from that are fingers that taste like tears
too ugly too go out
but either way i’m not allowed