it gets so tiring

by maja jasmin

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and i got this super cool review!!!!:


released March 21, 2016




maja jasmin Denmark

welcome to my brain and my diary


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Track Name: taking you back
fear is the poison you take in
future is so scary creeping into my skin
and my pores are open and they want the black
they beg me BEG ME to take you back

i am lonely but i can’t be with you
the world is evil cause i love you too
but i am always the one who loves less
dissapointing is what i do best

how to love myself is not the answer
crying when i check myself for cancer
there are lumps everywhere if you press enough
another reason to not grow up

grossed out demons are parading in my brain
all my feelings feel so vein
Track Name: forgetting
it’s strange to hold on
it always feels wrong

tryna feel like i am important here
but everything is strange this year

we see things so differently
i guess thats why you look at me

how i come into you life and wreck it
it’s just feels easier than forgetting

we’re always so sad
i wish i could take us back

to feeling things again
back to just being friends
Track Name: it never lasts
i cant stay for long
and i’m sorry for writing all those songs
how the best of everything is so far apart
how i thought i counted how it just too hard

i think your voice is louder in the crowd
because i heard such beautiful from your mouth

don’t try it’s just embarrasing to me
you are so giant and i’m a flea
how much i don’t matter to you
keeps us apart like glue

its no ones fault
thats clear as glass
that feeling of home
it never lasts