i'm still trying

by maja jasmin

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released April 4, 2016




maja jasmin Denmark

welcome to my brain and my diary


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Track Name: have you ever done that
golden is the words i keep to myself
golden is the things i keep locked up
i have nothing new to say
but i still talk and talk

i wish i could just say what i want to say
but everything is messy in my head
but around you i get so shy i can’t talk
around i’m the quietest of all

did you cry? have you ever done that
i’ve cried so much the last four months
i’m falling for the strangest fears
i love you but im barely here

my work is cut out for me, but i can’t seem to
let go whats before me and tell you
that everything is blurry, blurry, blurry
and i’m just here momentarily
Track Name: the first of the real ones
choosing first
you are on my mind
diary entry
telling me
you’re the first

i grew up in the house i live in now
my mother thinks i need more time
i don’t know how to tell her
i have nothing but

wishing wishing well
please do tell
how to get better
i miss your kiss
always tasted sweet
you’re the first
Track Name: ticking bomb
he speaks my name
with such serenity
it feels like
a lost part of me

i am quick
in my body generally
every feeling i have
always leaves me

every girl and every boy and every person i’ve ever loved
know i’m such a ticking bomb waiting ticking like a clock
Track Name: expectations
you have the worst eyes
i want to know them so badly
i have the ugliest mind
if you knew it, would you tell me

i’m marching through empty doors
expecting you to know the cause

why am i so clingy why can’t i tell
you are a wizard i am under your spell
being sorry for everything
thats the only gift i’m able to bring

i can’t form words when you’re looking at me
i am speechless like a symphony
you are beautiful and i’m a beast
locked away for eternity
Track Name: i am here
i am here
your love seems sincere
typical of me to be greedy
now you’re somewhere

i go home
i walk in the middle of the road
maybe a car will spot me from afar
now i’m going somewhere

house rules still count when i’m not even around
my mess is my trail instead of slime like a snail
i leave trash and confusion
stuff for myself to ruin
you’re grossed out i see it
on your face

i am wrong
i used to love to write songs
typical of me to be greedy
now i’m someone else
Track Name: rushing in
rushing in rushing in
speeding things to begin
i want to love and be loved too
i really thought that it was you
i still regret staying in
the stupid mess where this began
but how could i have known
that you were alone

i have changes to make
you have feelings to shake
i have growing to do
so do you

i have chances to take
you have loving to fake
i am bitter i guess
not your fault

rushing in rushing in rushing in i’m rushing in always rushing rushing in always rushing in