by maja jasmin

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about TRYING to grow up and move on and finish things


released August 11, 2016




maja jasmin Denmark

welcome to my brain and my diary


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Track Name: no surprise
how we feel are glistening i told you i was listening
my past is the scariest of dark
how we feel are glistening i told you i was listening
i feel so bad for breaking your heart

i said no
so things would be normal again
i miss you more than anything
now you can't even look me in the eyes
i wish it was but it was no surprise
Track Name: forgiving
i really am trying
to make it seem like i'm forgiving you soon
like youre not the only thing i think about
you should know what you did if you dont
cause i can't tiptoe around you any longer

its really just scary
the way you put your hands in my brain
and played around with all the parts that make me sane
i know im always so dramatic and strange
but what is your problem?

do you think its funny
do you think its nice
to take other peoples stories and turn them into lies

i don't think i can forgive you
dont know if i want to
but im not really sure about anything anymore
Track Name: in another life
i am very ugly…i am very scared
i don’t want to be here but i don’t want to be anywhere
if i told you you could love me
would you offer me it all
or would you stiffen when i kissed you
would you sound busy when i called

i am very sorry…i am very strange
you told me “in another life” cause some things never change
i am sorry i am lazy i am sorry for this song
there is nothing to make up for
but i know i did you wrong

can we talk about the planets
can we talk about something else
cause i am driving myself mad with
all these expectations
i am sorry im a weirdo but i’m your weirdo if you want
and i would you write you songs forever
and you would sing along
Track Name: pushingpushingpushing
at least i'm awake now
it took so much time to get out
my bed is the whole world when i'm depressed
i'm getting so bored of what i have to say
getting so bored of that shitty word
doesn't explain anything
using all the time that i have
trying to fit in

i'm kind of just a downer all the way thru
i'm taking you down with me too
i am always pushing
pushing like i do
pushingpushingpushingpushingpushingpushing you
Track Name: slipping through air
its just me
i'm just waiting here patiently
yeah i'm still here
i'm sorry i am not the one you're looking for
so wait awhile wait for me
i'll leave you dont want my company
i'm a mess i couldn't give you anything
you told me i don't wanna have this conversation, so

i feel the footsteps breaking through
the window is a barrier, my bodys just for you
i stand out here the balcony is home
i miss just talking you and me but i want to be alone
do you see things that aren’t really there
i’ve started to have company when i am slipping through the air
i can’t wake up this is an awful dream
i’m falling out of everything you wished me to be
Track Name: laundry love
going back
i am leaving i am
going back
to seeing how we can
love something so pure and fresh
our laundry love
newly cut grass
you are summer a loving sun
kisses all the coldest ones

windy rain
we kiss goodbye
you whisper love
i stay alive for this