by maja jasmin

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released August 14, 2015




maja jasmin Denmark

welcome to my brain and my diary


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Track Name: growing old
only you could make me lie
i don’t want to be weird in your eyes
say come on it’s time to go in the rain in the snow
i get so drunk i can barely talk
want to tell you what i’m thinking of
break the spell cut the noose tie me loose tie me loose
often ugly comes from within
but all my ugly is on my skin
i keep taking all i can hold growing old growing old
Track Name: little things
little things happen everyday
and im not a part of it

little things happen everywhere i go
why cant i just let you go
i need that

i cant hold on to you
Track Name: cause im not
why would i wonder?
cause nobody said so
i shouldn't matter i shouldn't care

why should i wonder?
there are places that matter more
you're just here cause i'm not
Track Name: my imagination
everything i need you give me
everything i need you give me

my imagination i cant help it
i keep you in my head
im so selfish