achy heart

by maja jasmin

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released February 9, 2016




maja jasmin Denmark

welcome to my brain and my diary


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Track Name: achy heart blues
we are what we do to the poeple who hurt us
and how still we can stand with heavy burdens
i’ve got a heavy heart too and a nervous love for you
(i've got the achy heart blues)

i am a poet with a poem that goes on and on
and a feeling of you lingering, never truly gone
i’ve got broken feet and the same worries on repeat
(i've got the achy heart blues)
Track Name: the ballad of us
drinking tea from julies blue teapot
makes me feel so grateful about everything i got
if i wanted to i could write a story about us

walking round humming songs i’ve written to myself
its not a lonely life, but still i just stay in my bed
if i wanted to i could write another song about us

US, its just a memory i’ve got
where we are sleeping in the loft room, getting out soon
feeling lonely
eating strawberries

US, its just a dream that i forgot
where we are dreaming just me and you, feeling lucky to
be a part of us
yes us

giving up to someone who loves me
drinking tea that i know cause of julie
eating pickles directly from the jar
kissing someone on their wrinkly scars
holding hands and dreaming together
belting ballads when i’m in the shower
writing poems when i'm riding the bus
and when you sing along to all the songs i've written about us
Track Name: hopeless
giving all i’ve got and getting it all in return
sitting still on the chair while the tables will turn
so much of everything singing my achy hearts blues
loving everyone loving me loving you

i’m so hopeless wooooooow i’m so hopeless wooooow

once i had a dog, he lives a life by the sea
i never knew how much he meant to me
i once had a boy, he lives in a home and gets help
loving everyone loving us loving them
Track Name: unhappy
right now writing
feels like crying
letting you down

i’m so tiny
feels like whining
i can’t leave my head

thought you saw it
drowned you in hints
want to go home
Track Name: in my brain
being dumb feels like this
getting drunk in heavy bliss
seeing you in everything
sleeping late doing nothing

i’m alive but at what cost
being here seems awfully wrong
you should know, you put me here
i'm a heavy thing to bear

i’m a bummer anyway
couldn’t pretend to care when you wanted me to say
“i’m here” cause i’m not i’m someplace else
i am far away in my brain
Track Name: anyways a bore
i forgot i had to just write to write
i didnt know why i didnt see that before
life is a bore
if its lived just to please everybody

all the things i used to love
they don’t matter anymore
but i do feel alive when its raining outside and i can hear it on my window

my room turns into a sea
and there is nothing i have to be
and i am not depressed
and you give me a tattoo across my chest that says

i am far from there yet
the finish line
but i am here and i survived
and in a way i am just happy to live today
and pleasing everyones a bore anyway